Light Still Hurts His Eyes

by The Glass Room

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‘Light Still Hurts His Eyes’ is the new free download single from The Glass Room, available now.

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“This mix sounds bigger, slicker and more produced than anything to date. This song is just a testimony to what a group of dedicated friends/musicians can do when you just keep plowing ahead. About half way through this song i was like... damn, let me turn this thing up!!!”
Mike – One Ton Tomatoes

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released August 29, 2011



all rights reserved


The Glass Room West Sussex, UK

“fierce 3 piece with a great alternative fresh sound, with the potential of being something quite refreshing within British Rock."

Check out our new album 'Friends we Used to Have' for free now on bandcamp.

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Track Name: Light Still Hurts His Eyes
Verse 1

He's a winner all the time
First to thrive not last in line
But I think he'll lose one day
Always has his say
Addiction grows the more he makes
A touch insane he'll desecrate
When the last chance comes his way
Never lost too late


And when the curtain bursts with lies
The consequence will give him life
I heard the laughter hides his cries
Sometimes the light still hurts his eyes
So when the curtain bursts with lies
The consequence will give him life
I hear the laughter hides his cries
Sometimes the light still hurts his eyes


He throws away his desires
Wings that keep you in flight
No one has more mercy than me
First concedes his pleasures
For someone who can't get hurt
It's always him who runs
No one has more mercy than me

Verse 2

Talks too much his brain is tired
When he leaves he gets admired
But I know he'll fail the same
First to pass the blame
While he's alive he has to lie
Imagine the scene of him deprived
And I know he'll have his way
Not sure why he prays


She leaves him with no cares
She left him loneliness
All alone to curse the way
Full of emptiness
Practices regret
Left to make amends
It's all a mess and still he says
I'm not done yet

You said the light would blind us
Age of innocence/age of violence
No-one here gives a damn what you said
Four words to sing 'Am I done yet?'
Track Name: Fault Lines
Verse 1

As bad as it goes
The consequence will hurt the most
As if we once could have
The furthest to reach
Way before faith has gone belief
Leave it to September
Forget to remember
the key wasn't broken
It just crumbled apart
There's something contageous
Or as you said it plagues us
It's never that easy
When the problems inside

Chorus 1 and 2

The fault lines
Get entwined
Promises will be denied
The fault lines
Can entwine
Promises will be denied

Verse 2

Compelled by the need
Euphoric pleasure long deceased
Only thought we had
Leaving too soon
Your bad excuses blame the room
When it plays relieving
Hate and the seething
The hope wasn't misplaced
It was buried alive
Come and take the real thing
Encased in the healing
Shadows of roads that have been
Cracking apart

Middle 8

You are safely on your own
You are lost before we grow
I was never meant to know
All the effort you can't show
Control the people who are low
Tearing sheets of which you wrote
Burn your clothes because your cold
Now your left in the unknown

Chorus 3

The fault lines
Get entwined
Plaster seen on the outside
The fault lines
Can entwine
Plaster seen on the outside