Friends we Used to Have

by The Glass Room

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‘Friends we Used to Have’ is the brand new full length album from The Glass Room.

Written and recorded over the last 12 months ‘Friends we Used to Have’ see’s The Glass Room branching out and finding their sound with elements of alternative rock, metal and hip hop married together creating a unique and powerful debut full length album.

‘Friends we Used to Have’ see’s The Glass Room working with renowned producer Mark Rinaldi (Muse, Breaking Benjamin) and collaborating with the likes of Mark Hunt (Medication, Methods of Mayhem).

Enjoy the brand new 11 track album by downloading for free from this website or alternatively purchase the iTunes or the physical CD release which includes the bonus track ‘Eleven Eleven’ and the CD release comes with a beautiful full colour 12 page booklet.

Praise for The Glass Room:

"As the album progresses it is obvious a lot of effort has been put into this, not just into the individual songs, but into the album as its own entity. There are production flairs a-plenty, piano parts and lots of little gems hidden within. The songs flow together on a sonic journey covering a variety of styles from alt-rock, emo punk, post-hardcore, metal and even a ballad, all dripping with an un-placeable atmosphere that envelopes the whole album. Mash together Muse, Aiden and Madina Lake, and you\'ll start to get the idea."
Got Grog

“This mix sounds bigger, slicker and more produced than anything to date. A testimony to what a group of dedicated friends/musicians can do when you just keep plowing ahead. I was like... damn, let me turn this thing up!!!”
Mike Mazzotta - One Ton Tomatoes

"Something all great bands aim to achieve, The Glass Room have proven themselves to be truly exceptional. Their brave sound stands well above many other bands of their genre"
SQ Magazine

"The sharp crisp sound created by the this band certainly holds up to their name and will have your pulse racing shattering the sound waves in true Glass Room fashion. WELL DONE GUYS, beautifully well written and delivered in top class style …..keep up the good work !! 9/10"
Breaking Music Magazine

“An intelligent, adaptable band, and they are focused on achieving greatness”
The Resident

“The potential of being something quite refreshing within British Rock.”
Alt Sounds

Also available on CD with 12 page inlay and bonus track 'Eleven Eleven'


released November 11, 2011

Written by Scott Moulding, Richard Jende, Darren O’Neill
Except ‘Fear Like I Fear’ written by Scott Moulding, Mark Hunt, Richard Jende, Darren O’Neill
Produced by Scott Moulding, Richard Jende, Darren O’Neill
Production Consultant Mark Rinaldi for Project Mayhem Audio
‘Fear Like I Fear’ co-produced by Mark Hunt
‘Rebirth’, ‘On The Outside’ and ‘Strobes and Psirens’ co-produced by Hamann
Engineered by Darren O’Neill
Mixed by Darren O’Neill
Except ‘Fear Like I Fear’ mixed by Darren O’Neill and Mark Hunt
‘Empyrean’ Mixed by Darren O’Neill, Mark Rinaldi for Project Mayhem Audio
Spoken Bridge on ‘Empyrean’ by Travis J Morgan
(c) (p) 2011 – The Glass Room




The Glass Room West Sussex, UK

“fierce 3 piece with a great alternative fresh sound, with the potential of being something quite refreshing within British Rock."

Check out our new album 'Friends we Used to Have' for free now on bandcamp.

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Track Name: Rebirth
Waiting for a reason
From this disillusioned evening
Feels like everything's uneven
From the floorboards to the ceiling
Keep me breathing, cheating , screaming
Improvised a type of demon
Finding reason , not believing
Compromise my only feeling
Track Name: Light Still Hurts His Eyes
He's a winner all the time
First to thrive not last in line
But I'll think he'll lose one day
Always has his say
Addiction grows the more he makes
A touch insane he'll desecrate
When the last chance comes his way
Never lost too late

And when the curtain bursts with lies
The consequence will give him life
I heard the laughter hides his cries
Sometimes the light still hurts his eyes
So when the curtain bursts with lies
The consequence will give him life
I hear the laughter hides his cries
Sometimes the light still hurts his eyes

He throws away his desires
Wings that keep you in flight
No one has more mercy than me
First concedes his pleasures
For someone who can't get hurt
It's always him who runs
No one has more mercy than me

Talks too much his brain is tired
When he leaves he gets admired
But I know he'll fail the same
First to pass the blame
While he's alive he has to lie
Imagine the scene of him deprived
And I know he'll have his way
Not sure why he prays

She leaves him with no cares
She left him loneliness
All alone to curse the way
Full of emptiness
Practices regret
Left to make amends
It's all a mess and still he says
I'm not done yet

She said/You said
The light would blind us
Age of innocence/Age of violence
No one here gives a damn what you say
Four words to sing
'Am I done yet?'
Track Name: Something Close to Perfect
It's early morning but I see those eyes
I guess that last nights not a compromise
Not awake but I'm feeling focussed
Never have a laugh that's why they call me joker
Come and see me we can do it again
When it's over we can call it good friends
Rolling over like your life ain't worth it
Completely hypnotised by your quest for profit

The seeds of doubt were planted long before
The clearest sight is proof to carry me
And where there's love we'll have to see it through
We won't be left we're not the chosen few

You can't give up
You can't give in
With something close to perfect
You can't give up
You can't give in
Your bruises make you perfect

I have a tendency to self-ignite
Imagination couldn't bring to life
I'm the one to call when getting desperate
Consider this the only chance to keep that separate
Have I had too much or do I pretend
I've got a conscience and it's letting you in
can you hear the voices when they say pretentious
Surrounded but I feel a case of misplaced venture

It's because your skins so soft
Seeing good as if there's any
When You get the chance You're strong
Could I ever wait that long
Now I'm in the trouble I could never get into
Fallen for another night
I'm waiting every day
Some things will never change
Track Name: Pink Sky
I walk on paths of concrete fields and clay
When there's no one there
Im reminded waiting patiently but the mood is rare
I'm alone , with you too, had enough, completely used
Why wait , for you , circumstance will see you through

You can lay your head down next to me
And forget all that was meant to be
As for you I'd wait eternity
For the way we were

Although their clouds keep hanging over us
In the clearest sky
Of all this vengeance you have left to climb
And there's no reply
Being afraid , comes true , I'm the distant point to prove
Feel free , blame you , hard enough I'm numb to you

No, not alone, not alone
One more chance to find your place
Track Name: Anything at All
I'll make , nothing left
Twice made , hold my breath
Feel liked , must be fake
Save more , to give away
Their wrong , caught my eye
Say you wont , the other side
How low , isn't right
Step one , from inside

There's always more than what's at stake
Always pressure more decay
Turns me on , whenever someone calls
There's selfish gifts for you to make
The ice will melt one day, dry to burn
Wishing me to change

I guess I'd better leave before it's time could do anything at all
I think I'd better leave the long goodbye
And could do anything at all

She has , too much say
bores me , tearaway
Free as , a caged bird
True say , when will he learn
I've heard, she's delicate
Made of , nothing good
I had , nothing left
Back to, anywhere

I guess id better leave before it's time , cos u already know
Guess I better leave before it's time...
Track Name: Adrenaline
Never should it be this hard
Looking through these endless papers
It's not the first time and it won't be long before it's vapour
Crossing through the things all done
It's not the turn of ages
The constant image of a lottery ticket not wages
Come Report the findings from
Experiments that are labelled
It is the easy way , it's how help has now got enabled
Fallen from the highest heights
Leaving when the jobs not over
This could be heaven in disguise , supplies are running lower

Caught from the deepest and bleakest of worlds
All in their own hell
Free from the weeds in the garden of greed
Time can't even help
Even heal
Time can't even heal
Even heal

Busy till the day we die
There is no chance to savour
Two thousand days of sitting , drinking, taking time from labour
Listen to the things I've done
Lost my mind , its reeling
Now that's the vision of a condasending local villain
The trouble Is the truth it hurts
It makes us lose all reason
Contemplating , hating Satan for his lack of teasing
Darker than the air at night
Lower than a three foot ceiling
Declining , thriving in a cataclysmic
Loss of feeling

Consumed and it's got me believing
That time has no meaning ,
All corridors close at the end
Turnover more than enough leaves
Eventually does seem
The help isn't coming to lend
Track Name: Strobes and Psirens
It somehow started when the evidence departed late
I'm so elated and deflated by the times that we've shared
I can't find reason within freedom when the grass isn't there
Trials and tribulations left me irritated full of despair

My head keeps speaking I can't hear it though a message that is pure and crystal clear
I'm automatic in the language but Im out of clues this time it's never fair

Come and get a hold , your revealing
More than I could withstand
Calling through the mist and your missing
Hoping someone is there

(Hold on to hope...)
Keep me clinging , I see passion and the beauty is there
Surely we were meant to use this pure abuse to keep you here
Far away the best I've done , the only time I've cried To no one
Carelessly caressing all the venom
So that you could hear

Feed my inspiration
Bit by bit
Tell me I'm down
But I'm not out
Where were you to see the whole night through
Left unprotected By yourself
If no one has time , then it's said and done
All my life it's
Strobes and Psirens
Track Name: Fear Like I Fear
Forgive I'm helpless, no more than I know
Unless the useless become more than they control
Composed and selfish, another dice to throw
Kicked in the teeth to heal again when some command
Used and fruitless, never safe to hold
Avenged the night that nothing made sense in your hole
Drained to the bottom of the cup to shield your soul

This denial it won't let go
You fear like I fear, you never let it show,

Aggravated, touch me once I dare
More of the same please I can't stand to watch and spare
Dawn broke too late, fucked because I'm sad!
Always a risk I sound ungrateful but who's there?
Venerated , twisted brand new fan
Expelled for nothing more than straying from the plan
Complicated , woth less than your wears
I love the heavey water cutting through the air
I'm generated by the hope lost to despair

Is there many more mistakes
I can class as ordinary
Every time I hit the breaks
There is a sign your ever ready
When I'm way too scared to jump
You will push and pull to save me
When imagination thrives
You feel awake inside
Track Name: Empyrean
You could try to understand
There's something missing aren't you glad there's
No more
Left to grab
Hold your breath and all will fall
My essence burns it's beautiful
But not enough and your not

Do you scratch your principles
Do you give up what you have to and
Never what you should do
You always go too far

There's an answer to resolve
I like it here the sun rains angels
Far to save
It's only here your number one
One wrong step it's back to front and
Tears that drown

What we see is not our fault
It's for nothing don't I know
Track Name: Not So Simple
Seconds left to start the show
One more cry and then no more
Curtains draw to show the door this way
Leave yourself and enter stage
Hope the crowds give more today
Feel your footsteps as the floor gives way

Waiting for the trip to end
Want to rise and not descend
Feel retired and bored today
You're pitiful and that's so simple
Trade this life and start again
Hold these times they neverend
The dreamers right and has it all
Your pitiful , not so simple

Lights go down to painful glows
Silent cheers for horror shows
Not a dry eye as the sky turns grey
Break the seals , scarred to the core
For all these sins , you can't adore
This is all the things that we could be

All good things come to those who cannot wait
A simple mind you cannot fake
It's not worth being here anymore...

Trade this life and start again
All things clear and then it ends
Think things through before you said
Your cynical, not so simple
Track Name: On the Outside
Love let me lay

A new start
There's too much to find
You can try and Write your name while we would sit and watch the flames, It's just the same

Until the next One
Wipe tears now from your eyes
There will be new ones
Another easy night
it's too cheap to use enough
Here comes resentment with the love
There's no change

Not on the inside
On the outside looking in